15 Ideas You Wish You Thought Of

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It’s Friday Share Day, and this week’s nugget o’wisdom comes to us via my friend Matt Browne (on twitter @MatthewLiberty).

It’s a terrific piece from Entrepreneur Magazine about innovation and the people and companies who had the guts to execute their crazy ideas (Note to self, do a blog post next week about Dreams and the Courage to Follow Them).

If you’re like me, by the end of the third article, you’ll be scratching your head and saying, “I should have thought of that!” So instead, I’ll just steal everything that these very wise people did and apply it to my own life.

Enjoy the read (thanks, Matt!) and Happy Weekend!

– Jody


One thought on “15 Ideas You Wish You Thought Of

  1. Hey Jody, love the way you do this on your blog, and I appreciate you sending a shout out my way. I love finding these hidden gems (articles/ blog posts) that hide amongst all the crap that’s online!! Cheers man!!

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