What We Can Learn from the New York Jets

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The New York Jets loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday can also teach us valuable lessons about social media and PR in general.

The Jets’ destruction came not in the 4th quarter, when they failed to convert on 4th-and-goal. They lost that game in the first half, when they failed to lay any groundwork that would propel them through the rest of the game. Even scoring one touchdown would have made a difference. Instead, they procrastinated (maybe not intentionally) and put too much work at the tail end of the game to be able to make up. In the end, the clock killed them.

Same goes for PR and social media: you can’t expect to wait until the last minute of a campaign to click a mouse and suddenly get a flood of media responses or hits to your facebook page that make your client happy. You need to lay groundwork; you need to clock the hours early in your campaign to set yourself up for success at that critical moment when you do go public with your message.

Whether it’s doing research, making lists, loading content onto YouTube or brainstorming for creative thoughts, you need to plan ahead. Don’t think you can crunch all the work in at the end. Maybe you can score enough critical hits results to put up a good showing, but is that really what you want?

Lesson to us all: get to work early. Don’t wait until after halftime to wake up.

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