Comcast-NBC Deal: “Pro-Consumer or Pro-Company?”

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The NBC-Comcast deal is a monster of a package, on a scale never-before-seen in the TV industry. And there’s something a bit unnerving about concentrating this much access to content in one place.

The FCC seems to agree, having forced some major restrictions on the boys from Philly, especially around hulu and its ability to freeze out top-dog Netflix. But we all know this is the very reason why in-house lawyers for big companies get paid so much money: to find ways around restrictions and then extract the teeth of said restrictions until the watch dog is reduced to a whining pup.

Of course, the real golden nugget for Comcast is the ability to marry the information on what content you consume (plus when and how) with new products they can sell you (facebook already does this alarmingly well), so we’ll see how they get to that goal. Either way, get ready for some major changes in how you access your media – TV, Internet, on-demand services and even wireless – in the near future.


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